Things I Regret | February 2015

So I really don't think that regretting things you've done or not done in the past is a bad thing. Actually, I think its good to regret things as it shows how you've grown and how you've learned from your Read more [...]

Work-ing On It

I've been finding it quite hard lately to concentrate or feel positive about things. My emotions seem to be piling on top of me and creating this barrier in my head and I need to break the mould and Read more [...]

May Favourites | Beauty and Skin Care

I've just found this post saved as a draft... WHOOPS!!!!  But i'm going to go ahead and post it and pretend that it's still May. I've made a lot of new purchases this month that i believe are really Read more [...]

Book Review – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – A Review CONTAINS SPOILERS Fangirl is a coming-of-age novel about a twin called Cath(er) from Omaha, US. She is co-dependant on her Sister, Wren and her Father, Art(hur). Read more [...]

Weekend Stuff | Number 1

So these are a few photos of what I got up to this weekend and I'll tell you now, its been a amazing, mad, busy and intense! First of all, after leaving university and hunting for a job for more Read more [...]

Sunday Stuff | Number 1

This is a list of the things I got up to yesterday and some photos to tickle your fancy! Me and my Boyfriend Tom indulged ourselves in Waterstones and went in with the intention of only getting Read more [...]

Social Blogging Website | Follow my blog with Bloglovin

    Hey guys, Did you know that there's a really cool way that you can keep up to date a follow all of the blogs you love to read? A site called Bloglovin can really help you Read more [...]